for commercial use

Bring hospitality to another level with these teppan warming tables.
Customers will appreciate the enhanced dining experience when their food stays warm for the entire meal.
Since the teppan is only a warmer, there is no need to worry about burnt food and any extensive clean-up.

Although the teppan food warmer is commonplace in okonomiyaki restaurants in Japan, it is a completely new item internationally. As such, it has been enhanced to meet international electrical and food safety standards.

POINTThe teppan food warmers provide an alternative
to using dishes. Serve food to customers directly
on the table top to reduce labor and operation costs!

Silicon Heater

The silicon heating pad system is unlike solid shaped heating elements, meaning it can be made into various customizable shapes.

  • SService Button: Maintain food temperature at 70C
  • HHeat Button: After cleaning, use the heat button to create a surge in temperature to 100C for final clean-up.