International standard

Japanese Teppan gliddle to the world!


To those considering opening a store

As a Japanese Teppan gliddle equipment manufacturer,
we were able to acquire the approval we need to export our equipment smoothly and efficiently.

  • Japanese OKONOMIYAKI

Ranked #1 for the international export
and number of sales of Teppan Equipment in Japan

We are the only Teppan equipment manufacturer that has acquired various authentications to meet international standards. for Teppan equipment.

To bring Teppan equipment into your country, you need your country’s authorization on the equipment’s safety specifications.K2S has already acquired various authentications to meet international standards, so we are able to export our products smoothly and efficiently.
If you happen to run into any difficulties during the exportation process, we are here to help in any way possible.

Why are products that are made in Japan in such high demand?
Why should you invest in products made in Japan?

There are many different companies around the world that manufacture many different types
of commercial Teppan equipment, so why Japan?

  • Reason 1
    High Performance and High Quality
    Our equipment is carefully built so there are few, if any, malfunctions or problems.
  • Reason 2
    Low Energy Cost
    Compared to other electric Teppan equipment, ours are energy efficient, resulting in reduced monthly electric costs.
  • Reason 3
    Carbon lamp specification
    Carbon lamp of heat source.
    It is our only product in the world.
  • Reason 4
    We can customize the size of your equipment to fit your needs. We can also make a larger model up to 16 feet in length.
<Examples of our work>
  • America
  • France
  • China
  • Hawaii
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Vietnam

K2S has expanded into the US as K2S,
providing better service and support to customers in other countries.

The Teppan manufactured and used in other countries are known to be of low quality and durability,
difficult to use, very few functions, and have numerous problems that frequently occur.
We provide high quality Made-in-Japan Teppan and kitchen equipment to our customers throughout the world.
We also strive to expand the knowledge of Japanese food culture to the world, and with our innovative Teppan products, we are able to do so.

Recently Japanese food and restaurants are on the rise, but compared to other styles of cooking, the number is still small.

Japanese food is still considered a luxury in most places, and isn’t considered at the same level as more casual places.

Our goal is to show the world that with our Teppan hot plates and
Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pizza) that Japanese food can be simultaneously reasonably priced and delicious.