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Bringing Hiroshima Okonomiyaki to the World

t is our vision to spread our beloved soul food and culture of Hiroshima Okonomiyaki to the world.
Establishing Chinchikurin in Los Angeles was our first step in this vision.
However, opening restaurants internationally is not easy.
There are many challenges, including legal, contractual, ingredients procurement, and the like.
Our vision gives us the drive and focus to overcome these various challenges,
and it is this vision that will push us to continue opening new restaurants internationally.

Our experiences can be invaluable to other business owners who share a similar vision in spreading their restaurant concept internationally.
The experiences gained from the challenges we have experienced have given us a unique perspective into
how we can move faster, smarter, and more efficiently in opening up a restaurant internationally.

Inquire with us to see how you can take advantage of our experiences through
the new K2S Overseas Restaurant Opening Consultation Services.




Serving Authentic Hiroshima Okonomiyaki
in the Heart of Los Angeles, California.

Chinchikurin opened its doors right at the entrance of the historic Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, California. Designed to give diners as authentic an experience as possible, the Little Tokyo location uses the same teppan warming tables as Chinchikurin restaurants in Hiroshima and has wall art that depicts various iconic images of Hiroshima.



The 1st Chinchikurin Store in America!

Chinchikurin opened its first restaurant in America in West Los Angeles, California. Since its opening, customers have been lining up to experience the mouth watering flavors and textures of Hiroshima’s soul food. As demand and popularity of Hiroshima Okonomiyaki continues to rise, Chinchikurin will do its best to meet these demands by opening as many restaurants as possible!