The first Showroom of a business-use griddle "Teppan Museum"

In Japan, we do have a unique showroom of various business griddles.
Our "Teppan Museum" Shows a lot of high quality and innovative griddle designs we also include the history of our griddles, the process of making it, and etc.
We can also show you demonstrations how effective are those appliances and you could ask questions about the product itself.

Horigotatsu style griddle table

Could be a gas type or electrical type. These are made-to-order griddle table.

Griddle table

It is the table griddle that is currently used at our restaurants. We can customize it depends on your requested size and style.

Other type of griddle units

We can customize based on your business type or request, it could be an electricity, gas, or IH type of unit.

Structure and manufacturing process of griddle

We prepared see through griddle to show the structure inside of griddle. You can have idea of mechanism both gas and electricity unit.

History of griddle

Introducing the griddle history from the beginning until present when it widespread. You might know unexpected background.

Exhibition of overseas products

Introducing the various type of appliances which actually export to overseas. You can check and do trial cooking with possible electric power of the site.