Teppan griddles and Kitchen Equipment

K2S, operates and manufactures high quality Japanese griddle appliances that has been certified Internationally.
The parent company of the manufacturer is located in Japan but we can ship all over the world.
The K2S steel company has boosted sales of No1 iron plate equipment worldwide.
We have more than 800 restaurants according to the introductory track record in Japan and all over the world.
We are specialized in making griddle kitchen instruments with high standards in terms of reliability and safety.
We can also customize our products in order to suit your needs.
For your inquiries please feel free to ask us.

Manufacture of a business - using griddle

We are manufacturing griddle appliances in Japan, as a Japanese griddle maker, it tackles easier - use and safety griddle product manufacturing through repeated trial and error from the taken view of chief.
We can customize and manufacture your griddle up on your request that can suit your kitchen and layout.
Also, we could make large sizes of Griddle which is well-known as difficult to manufacture.
Not only usual griddle pad, but also it can make and sell Japanese Takoyaki machine, Okonomiyaki machine and table style griddle pad and etc.

Business-use kitchen instruments and equipments

We are manufacturing various kitchen instruments other than griddle appliances.
Through our years of experience and knowledge, we can provide a wide range of proposals from selling of business-use kitchen instruments and designing new products.
We can provide from customer's viewpoint from all angles that you may concern as well as having a cost reduction: such as lightings, supplies and water expenses. We can also render a plan less personnel expenses, and operation efficiency, and etc.

A kitchen system, store design, and construction

We aim for a high quality and cost effective kitchen room layout in consideration of opening a shop concept and its operation.
A kitchen system design which is divided well inside and considered high efficiency performance, such as conducting wire layout, food stock space capacity calculation that corresponds with the estimated sales amount.
We construct the requested instruments after having preliminary meeting and having a cooperation with the professional contractor of each site.
In the delivery state, We are going to give a test run adjustment, orientation of operation procedures, maintenances and etc. of each appliances.

Exporting of Japanese griddle Appliances

Our company is the only Japanese griddle company which can export around the world.
It certainly requires a certification according to each country’s safety standards, when carrying a Japanese griddle.
Since we passed the international standards, It would be easy for us to export Japanese griddle appliances overseas.
Its no need for you to worry and it is easy to process here, since our company is will support.