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TRIFECTA GRIDDLE are now very popular throughout the world.
(For Teppanyaki,Takoyaki,Gyoza,Okonomiyaki)

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From Okonomiyaki Restaurants toTeppanyaki Steak Houses
Over 800 restaurants designed and builtin Japan and worldwide.

K2S has evolved drastically since its inception 15 years ago. Starting as a teppan grill manufacturer, K2S has grown into a full service organization.

As a full service organization, K2S can help you with either one part of your restaurant endeavor or we can create your entire dream. With over 800 restaurants
designed and built worldwide, K2S has the experience and foresight to help create the ideal restaurant that embodies the image you envision, operates efficiently, and is made within your budget.

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Overseas Restaurant Opening Consultation Services

Our experiences overseas is your key to a streamlined process of strategic planning and execution

K2S is introducing its new Overseas Restaurant Consultation Services to provide clients with a roadmap of how to successfully open a restaurant in a new country with the least amount of delays and issues. When opening a restaurant in a foreign country,
there are many unanticipated challenges a business owner will face. Whether it be obscure business or construction regulations, strict city ordinances,
and everything else in between, K2S can be your guide in avoiding all of these issues.
The K2S Overseas Restaurant Consultation Services are a direct result of the various situations experienced in expanding the Chinchikurin restaurant chain
(A K2S affiliated company).
Designed as a service that goes the extra mile, K2S will provide support services that begin with restaurant concept and design,
then moves to the importation of teppan cooking tables and other equipment,
then finishes with follow up services associated with before & after restaurant opening.