The Smokeless Teppan Griddle is designed to be a mobile teppan cooking station. Built with several safety systems to ensure safe operation and a number of convenient operational features, liven up any venue with freshly prepared dishes right off the teppan griddle!

POINTNo exhaust hood is necessary due to
its self-contained ventilation system!

Characteristics of the CARBON LAMP HEATER

  • ●Far infrared radiation from the carbon lamp allows for accurate and complete cooking.
  • ●No open flames to increase the ambient temperature of the room, resulting in lower AC costs
  • ●Each carbon lamp unit is easily replaceable and does not require complete unit overhaul, like traditional gas burners

Electrical safety and sanitation certification pending

Take teppanyaki cuisine anywhere!

The Fire Extinguishing Safety System is designed to put out any sudden grease fires!

Trash compartment helps keep the griddle clean for continuous cooking!

Simple design allows for easy maintenance and cleaning!

Slide-Type Assembly System: The slide-type assembly system make replacement of a carbon lamp fast and easy.

The sliding oil guard prevents excessive oil splashing during cooking!

Strong suction fans prevent smoke from escaping!

One Touch Control Panel system makes temperature control easy and accurate.

Casters makes the entire station mobile!


Electrical safety and sanitation certification pending


Since no gas/open flames are used, there is no risk of gas leaks or incomplete gas combustion. The unit also has the Temperature Sensor and Fire Extinguishing safety systems.

Far Infrared Cooking to Perfection

Far infrared cooking utilizes low energy heat waves to thoroughly and evenly penetrate food, allowing for minimal cook time with maximized deliciousness!

Simple One-Touch Control Panel

Control temperatures from 80-300C in 1C increments with a touch of a button.

Create Excitement

Live cooking always peaks interest from customers and patrons. Adding the mobile teppan station will add excitement to any event!

Automated Safety Systems

The Heat Switch and the Heater Control Unit will both automatically shut off.

The Cleaning System

Oil and smoke is removed from the suctioned air by an electrostatic precipitator producing clean air that then vents out from the system.