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TRIFECTA GRIDDLE are now very popular throughout the world.
(For Teppanyaki,Takoyaki,Gyoza,Okonomiyaki)

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From Okonomiyaki Restaurants toTeppanyaki Steak Houses
Over 800 restaurants designed and builtin Japan and worldwide.

K2S has evolved drastically since its inception 15 years ago. Starting as a teppan grill manufacturer, K2S has grown into a full service organization.

As a full service organization, K2S can help you with either one part of your restaurant endeavor or we can create your entire dream. With over 800 restaurants
designed and built worldwide, K2S has the experience and foresight to help create the ideal restaurant that embodies the image you envision, operates efficiently, and is made within your budget.

Bringing Japanese Technology and Food Culture to the World

K2S has established its subsidiary,
K2S, in Los Angeles, California in order to better serve our overseas customers.
K2S provides the same services as K2S in Japan,
which includes: providing standard and customized teppan tables, restaurant design,
and support in opening and managing restaurants.

K2S US aims to spread its carbon lamp heating griddles worldwide so that restaurants across the globe can enhance their customer's dining experience. Although there are many manufacturers of grill plates from many countries, they are not built to the level of quality that restaurant owners deserve. By expanding its supply channels with the creation of K2S US, K2S will provide global patrons the same top tier griddles that Japan has been utilizing for decades.

Lately we hear about the "Japanese food craze" talked about everywhere. We think, however, the boom is still superficial and over-exaggerated. In reality, Japanese food is generally still expensive for average restaurant goers, and many restaurants are somewhat forbidding unless you are a gourmet diner. We want to change this; we will work hard to introduce reasonably priced and fun-to-eat Japanese food, such as Hiroshima Okonomiyaki, to the world.